The first stage of Voices in Exile will be to produce monthly workshops based upon the arts, for example film, theater, dance, writing, photography and voice. Women from the refugee camps around Berlin, Germany will be invited to participate and to give the workshops as professionals and teachers. Women from the greater Berlin area will also be invited to participate and give the workshops as professionals and teachers.

Every workshop will take place where everyone can meet, and feel safe, secure, and comfortable. Price will be based upon the donation that each woman can give. Women of refugee status, or from the refugee camps are the primary recipients of the proceeds.

The workshops are first a location for learning and creativity. They are a space where every participant can learn and grow as an artistic individual. However they are also a space where women of all colors, and all walks of life are able to meet and have a human to human experience. There is no hierarchy, and no one is considered a politicized body or a non-politicized body within this space. Everyone is equal, and we meet as equals.

Money from the workshops goes directly back to the women within the refugee camps.

First Workshop :

Hopes & Dreams For The Future

Date :  Saturday January 29th.

Theme : Discovering our hopes and dreams for the future.

Location : Another Country, Used English Language Bookshop at Riemannstr. 7, 10961 Berlin right by the U7 Gneisenaustr. U-bahn station.

Time : 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, von 14:00 uhr bis 18:00 uhr

Schedule :

  • Welcome & Small Breakfast
  • Introduction to Voices In Exile and its Founders
  • Warm up exercises – Getting to know each other. Walking through the room, talking, interacting with different individuals, shaking hands … dancing.
  • Personal Description – Working together in groups of two with the questions = Who are you? What are your strengths? How are you a survivor? What animal would you be and why?
  • Group Discussion on Personal Description. End with the question = If There is One thing you would change about the world or change about the experience of Refugees here in Germany what would it be?
  • Break for Meal, 15:30 – 16:00
  • Question Answer Info session.
  • Examples of different Art forms we could use.
  • Small Groups : What do we want to change? What kind of Art and Workshops would we like to create to bring about this change? What should our next workshop be? Using paper and pens we can draw and write whatever comes into our minds.
  • Exercise :  Creating Web page based upon the question of “Change.”
  • Large Group Discussion. Discuss together the project for our next workshop at the end of April.
  • Closing Round.
  • Music, dancing, more food, celebrate.

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