Our Benifactors and Contributers

Voices in Exile would never have been created and would not have gotten as far as it has without the help, motivation, and support of the organization Women in Exile.

As stated by Fluechtlingsrat-Brandenburg

Women in Exile is a group of refugee women and former refugee women with refugee issues from the perspective of women identify with and fight laws, emancipation of women and children, are directed against. The goal is to work together with groups that are interested in combating discrimination against women and children in society.”

They are currently working on a campaign to shut down the Refugee Camps in Germany, and one of the large goals of our group is to help support Women in Exile as much as we can.

If you would like more info about Women in Exile please send any thoughts or comments to them at:

Women In Exile
C / o Refugee Brandenburg
Rudolf-Breitscheid-Str. 164
14482 Potsdam
Email: frauenasyl@yahoo.co.uk

Once again we thank Women in Exile for all the help that they have given us.


We would like to thank the Forum Brasil e.V., especially Martin,  for their support and guidance regarding our project work. We are very grateful for your feedback and realistic view, encouraging us at the same time to continue our work.

For further information about the organisation Forum Brasil check out their website http://www.forum-brasil.de.

A big THANK YOU goes out to Juli and the Südblock team, who supported our project by organizing an amazing Soli Party on the occasion of the World Womens Day at 8th of March.  We want to thank all the artists, DJs, the whole crew and all other people who have been there this night at Queere Antipatriarchatsparty. You really rocked!

If you want to visit one of their  beautiful events have a look at http://www.suedblock.org.


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