Hopes And Dreams For The Future

First Workshop :

Hopes & Dreams For The Future

Date :  Saturday January 29th.

Theme : Discovering our hopes and dreams for the future.

Location : Another Country, Used English Language Bookshop at Riemannstr. 7, 10961 Berlin right by the U7 Gneisenaustr. U-bahn station.

Time : 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm, von 14:00 uhr bis 18:00 uhr


About Voices In Exile

Voices In Exile is a workshop, film and book project, and non-profit. The goal of this non profit is to break the mythology surrounding women refugees and asylum seekers, especially women refugees and asylum seekers of color both here in Germany, in their home nations, and the international community. As a collection of women who include artists, filmmakers, writers, law students, university students, and simple human rights advocates, our primary goal is to find a way for art, literature, and advocacy to help empower, heal, and enlighten. And we would love to work together with you to do this.
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